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Our Story 

Mead Industries, Inc. was established in 1977.  Greg Mead, Owner/President started Mead Industries with a vision and a whole lot of passion. Greg understood that hard work, determination and his years of experience in bullet manufacturing, could lead him to develop his own successful company.  Greg enjoys working with machines of precision and complexity, and the process of manufacturing bullets.  As an avid hunter, Greg understands the significance of precision ammunition. Greg started his company in a small building, with one other employee.  Currently, Mead Industries, Inc. is housed in a 15,000 ft. facility and employs 16 individuals with an on-site ballistics lab, welding shop, and full machine shop.  Mead Industries, Inc. has built numerous Transfer Presses, and provided multiple Turn-Key Projects to manufacture components over the last 39 years for many of the world’s leading ammunition manufacturers.  Mead Industries, Inc. is responsible for supplying the machinery and equipment that currently produces over 50 million bullets per month to the Shooting Industry.

If you’ve shot a firearm in the last 39 years, you have probably shot a bullet we’ve been a part of.

Recently, Mead Industries, Inc. has expanded its’ offerings to produce loaded ammunition and sell direct to the public.  Mead Industries, Inc. has a deep passion for producing the highest quality Hunting bullets on Earth, and wants to share those products, in many calibers with everyone who enjoys an outdoor lifestyle, and participates in any of the shooting sports.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

We at Mead Industries, Inc. live each day knowing that, “Performance by Design” is not just a concept, but an attitude, that we want to share with all who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and who care about accuracy and precision in the products we provide for the Shooting Industry.

Our Values

Mead Industries is an Independent, Highly Innovative Machinery and Ammunition Manufacturer, whose goal is to provide the Shooting Industry with the Quality Products to Hunt, to Protect, and to Perform at the Highest Level by:

Embracing Challenges

Commanding Respect

Honoring those that do the job, no matter what that job is.  And

Observing All of the Golden Rules

When we support one another, these values will be our Legacy, that ECHO throughout Time!