Meet Our Team

Our team is some of the most knowledgeable men and women in the field.

Each and every one brings a unique charactistic to the workplace and the munitions industry.

Greg Mead

CEO Founder

Greg Mead, enjoys working with machines of precision and complexity, including the process of manufacturing bullets. 40 years in the ammunition industry building machinery for other companies, Greg now has his own product line! 

Tom Coleman

General Manager

After decades in various operations roles, Tom has flourished in the manufacturing environment, and is excited about this new direction.

Jeff Bell

Shop Supervisor

Jeff’s previous experience owning his own business has made him a driving force in Mead’s growth over the last several years. His passion for ‘all things shooting’ drives his work in our ballistic lab.

Tanner McDuffee

Lead Engineer

Tanner provides a youthful energy to an old industry and is thriving. Do not tell Tanner that you cannot re-invent the wheel, he will!

Dakota Storms

Lead Tool-Maker

Dakota’s understanding of the parts he makes and passion for the shooting industry helps the Tooling Dept. excel daily!

Shop Employees

Material Handlers

Encompass many roles, whether loading, operating, assembling equipment to quality check, Shawn, Mitch, and Cody are an assembled A team!

Operations Team

Daily Operations

From inspection, ordering and organizing to handling all shipping, Tina and Darrlyn are the cornerstone behind the scenes!

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