Firebird M50 Moderated Low-Noise Reactive Targets!!

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Firebird M50 Reactive Target

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Same Great Hit Recognition, but without the Boom!

The all-new Firebird M50 Targets are a low-noise option for those that want the same instant hit recognition of Firebird Targets, but don’t want the loud blast. These are perfect for air rifles or ranges where the blast may be too disruptive. We’ve changed our proprietary formula to be just as sensitive and reactive, but instead of the chest-pounding boom, you’ll get just the flash and smoke.

What exactly are Firebird 50 BIO Targets?

Firebird M50 Targets are the world’s first completely biodegradable detonating target! Firebird M50 Targets are self-contained, pyrotechnic reactive targets that are legal, safe and easy to transport.


Firebird M50s are designed to be used at short, medium and longer ranges with:

  • Handguns
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Archery
  • High-powered air guns

They can be used as static targets or on a moving trajectory – such as a clay pigeon!

10 Targets per pack!!

Don’t have a spotter when shooting long distances?

No problem. You won’t miss the flash and smoke indicating that you’ve hit the mark. Adjust. Take Aim. Fire. Your accuracy will improve in a single session. Certainly not a toy, Firebird is an accuracy training tool used by civilian and tactical personnel across the globe. However, we won’t blame you if you shoot Firebird targets just for fun.

Accuracy when it really matters!

Firebird targets are used to train private individuals and tactical personnel across the globe.

      • civilian users
      • military personnel
      • police/law enforcement
      • UK Special Forces/SWAT

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